WebCopy Architectures

You can use WebCopy in different ways: Mirror Websites and provide a local copy, improve performances by duplicating dynamics content to static content, indexing several Internet sites in order to provide a Meta Search engine...

Mirror Dynamic web sites for performances purpose.

Many CMS are available on the Web.
These CMS provide an easily way to build web content.
They are designed to generate dynamically Web pages helping with a database engine backend such as MySQL/Oracle or any other system.
Generating web page task should consume performances system and reduce the time frame to display web pages.
This method is a way to increase dramatically performances by turn dynamic web pages to static web pages.
The dynamic web server as a kind of development server that just build web page for the second server. This second Web server should be an official web server.
This method secure the Web site too because no "engine" such as Database or PHP is used.
Dynamics attacks such as SQL injections or other ways to use any engine are definitively aborted.


Provide offline content.

In some cases, some users could not have Internet access or you want some web sites always available even if the bandwidth is down.
This method can be done easily.
Artica is able to mirror all desired Internet sites and provide replicated content websites trough FreeWebs