Create your first SugarCRM site

SugarCRM can be added trough FreeWebs.
FreeWebs is an Artica module that let you manage Web applications such as WebMail, SugarCRM, Concrete5...

After SugarCRM installation trough Artica, click on the FreeWebs icon.


  • Activate the FreeWeb Engine by turning to green the Enable FreeWebs service.
  • Ensure that the service is up and running.


  • Click on Web servers.
  • Click on New server.
  • On the new screen, define the Web server name that will store the SugarCRM application.
  • Click on Add button.


  • Click on the new added web site on the table.
  • Select MySQL/FTP tab
  • Set the name of the MySQL database that will store the SugarCRM web site.
  • Define the username and the password for the MySQL database.


  • Select the groupware tab.
  • Click on "SugarCRM" icon.


  • The interface is now locked to SugarCRM that means the Web site is now a SugerCRM web application site.