NTLM Authentification

Available with Artica v1.7.010615
If your server is connected to your Active Directory, you can force users to use their Active Directory credentials to enter to the Web server.


  • The NTLM session is not passed "transparently", user must login on the Web server using it's Active Directory credential.
  • You cannot use standard groups eg "Domain Admins or Domain Users", define/use a dedicated group in your Active Directory if you want to use groups.

1) Install the Python NTLM Authentication module

For enable the NTLM authentication, you need to install this module trough the Setup center

  • Click on the CD-ROM on the top icon.
  • Select Softwares Database.
  • On the search filed, type *python*
  • Click on the Blue icon under the Python NTLM Authentication module row.


You can install it under command line too by executing the following command:

/usr/share/artica-postfix/bin/artica-make APP_PYAUTHENNTLM

Enable the KeepAlive feature.

  • Under the FreeWebs section, select "Parameters" tab.
  • Check the checkbox option KeepAlive .
  • Click on Apply button.


Play with the NTLM authentication.

Under your web servers list, choose your Web service.

  • Select Security tab.
  • Select Authentication tab.
  • Enable the "Enable NTLM authentication" checkbox.
  • Click on "Browse" button.


  • Click on "Link a Member" button.
  • Browse your Active Directory server and choose members or group that will be allowed to access to the Web server.
  • Click on the green arrow in order to affect members into the allowed members list.


  • Click on "Website" tab.
  • Click on Rebuild in order to make you changes on the production mode.


  • When using credentials, just use the member id like this example, did not try to use the DOMAIN\member.