How to display Web sites created by FreeWebs ?

freeweb2.pngFreeWeb use Virtual hosts method.
The Virtual Host method allows you to create several Web sites on a single IP address.
It use the DNS in order to allows you accessing to the defined web site.

When user trying to access to a web site, it's browser will try to resolve the web site to an ip address trough the DNS method.
When the IP is found the browser will send the request to the Web server with the name of the web server.
According this name, the web server will display the desired site.

This means you cannot use the IP address of the Web server in order to display the web site.

You need first to add the web site into the Public or private DNS

If you did not have a DNS server, Artica can provide it ofr you (see PowerDNS section )

For testing purpose you can modify your computer host file.

On Windows:

  • Browse the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory.
  • With notepad, open the hosts file.

On Linux/MAC:

  • Open the /etc/hosts file.

Add a new entry in this format:


for example: to resolve www.domain.tld stored on web server, add:     www.domain.tld