Create directories aliases

You can use your own aliases on each web server in order to point a virtual folder to a specified directory on disk.
In our example we want to create an aliase of that point to a z-push directory web server as /var/www/zpush.domain.tld ( see z-push feature)
Note: In Artica v1.6.071517 alias are now allowed to be added when using "groupware" mode.

  • On you Web server section, click on "Aliases" tab.
  • Click on New alias button


  • A the New alias form, set the name of the virtual directory you want to add on your Web server.
  • On the driectory field, select the path to the real directory OR choose the web server that will point to the working directory of a select web server.
    On our case, we select the Web server as a z-push groupware.


  • 15-07-2012_17-38-19.pngAlias is added on the table and is available on your web server.