Restore or duplicate your Concrete5 website

After perform a backup container trough WebGet you can restore your Concrete5 Website or duplicate the backuped website.
Both Artica server that store your website and Artica server that restore your server must be in version 1.6.060316 or above.
This procedure can be used on all groupware applications.

  • On the FreeWebs section, click on Web Servers.
  • Click on restore button in the table.


  • A new screen is displayed.
  • Set the path to the backup container on the "Backup container path" (use the browse... button to find it).
  • Set the MySQL instance if you have created multiple MySQL instance on your server
  • Define the website name in the Website field if you want to rename it or leave it empty to replicate the same Website name.
  • Click on "Restore" button in order to perform the task.


By refresh the table under the form, you can display restore events in order to see if the restoration task is successfully executed.


Your new restored website is now added in the available Freewebs websites