Remote backup Concrete5 task trough WebGet

WebGet is a backup resource tasks that allow a LAN server to perform a website backup trough 2 Artica servers.
This feature ensure your website is backuped outside Internet and you give a copy of your website safely.
(Available with artica v1.6.060121 or above).

How it works ?

The LAN backup server is in charge to ask (with authentication) to the Artica server stored on Internet to build a backup container the targeted Website.
Once the backup container is created remotely, the LAN backup will download the backup container.
After downloading the container it ask to the remote server to remove the backup container and copy the container to the target backup storage destination.


 To implement this feature, you need to have artica v1.6.060121 or above on both servers.

  • Click on the System Informations icon on the top tool-bar.
  • Select backup tab.
  • Click on "Add a new task" and follow the wizard to create the main backup task.


  • Click on the sources link of your new task


  • Click on the red cross if you want the task to not backup the default items.
  • Click on the WebGet button.


  • Set the address of the remote Artica Website that handle the FreeWebs website.
  • Define the Web Artica management port.
  • Set the Username and the password of the Artica Super Administrator or the user affected to the FreeWeb website.
  • Define the FreeWeb server name you want to backup.


  • Your remote FreeWeb website will be now backuped by your server remotely.