Create a Concrete5 web site.

After added the Concrete5 to the local repository, you can now create web sites using the Concrete5 application.

1) Create the DNS entry.

You need to add your desired web server in your private/public DNS.
If you want to create the webserver webmail.myserver.tld, you need to add an entry webmail.myserver.tld that will point to the IP address of the appliance server.

2) Create the Internet Site.

On the Main page, click on "FreeWebs" icon.


  • Click on the Web servers tab.
  • On the table click on "New server" button.


  • Defines the web server name that will handle the Concrete5 application.
  • Click on "Add" button.


  • The new web site is added in the main table.
  • Click on the link of the new web site.


Setup the MySQL settings.

  • Before adding the Concrete5, click on the Website tab and MySQL/FTP tab.
  • Define the MySQL database and credentials.


Turn website to a Concrete5 website.

  • Click on the Groupwares tab.
  • Click on the Concrete5 CMS icon.


Return back to the Website tab and Click on the Rebuild icon to make the server available on production.


Finish Concrete5 installation.

  • With your browser, connect to your new Concrete5 web site.
  • Click on Continue installation button.


  • Set Administrator credentials and the MySQL parameters you have already set on Artica Web interface.
  • Click on "Install Concrete5"


Wait during the installation


After finish, click on Continue to your site in order to play with Concrete5.