Turn the Artica Web interface to FreeWebs

By default, Artica use the lighttpd engine in order to provide the web administration interface.
With this architecture, you cannot turn the Web management interface to the standard SSL port.
You can turn the Web interface using FreeWebs in order to use all FreeWebs feature for the Artica Web Interface Management.
This let you to use 2 engines for the Web interface:

  1. The Apache engine with FreeWebs.
  2. The lighttpd on the 9000 port.
  • ¬†Click on the FreeWebs icon.
  • Select web servers tab.
  • Click on add button.
  • Define the web server name.
  • Click on Add button.


  • Your new website is now added in the table.
  • Click on the link of this new web server.


  • Select the "groupware" tab
  • Click on Artica Web Administration interface


  • Click on Website tab.
  • Click on "Rebuild" in order to build and make the website in production mode.


  • Now you can access to the Artica Web interface using the standard ports 80 or 443 if you have enabled the SSL on the website.