Allow SSH file transfert between 2 Artica servers

This procedure is useful for backup tasks, One Artica server is a storage server, the second is designed to push files remotely.
This approach can be used with a storage server without Artica. The method is the same but more simple using Artica on both servers.
(Bug fixed and feature improved with artica version 1.6.052923 or above).

1) Create an user on both servers used for connections.

This operation must be made on the 2 servers. It allows you to add a "system user" on your server.

On the left menu, click on OpenSSH server.


  • Click on Automatic login tab.
  • Click on "Add user" button.
  • Choose a new user for example "articabackup"


2) Generate the key on the client

On the client (the server that you want to connect to the storage SSH server), select your added user in the drop-down list and click on "generate key" button.



Download the generated key file (

  • If the key is generated, you will be able to display the Fingerprint and an key icon.
  • Click on the key icon in order to download the key file.


3) Upload the key file to the Artica SSH storage server

  • On the server that should receive SSH connections from the client, use the last form to upload the file.
  • Choose the same user you have added before uploading the key file.


4) Test the connection.

  • Return back to the Artica client
  • Select the user with the uploaded key to the server.
  • Click on Test your connection.


  • Click on the Button "Connect" in the table.
  • A popup will ask the hostname or IP address of the server with the uploaded key.
  • You should see 2 blue lines  that confirm a successful connection.