MySQL memory performances tuning

MySQL memory tuning is very important task.
It is important to limit the MySQL service consumption service.
If the MySQL server under stress and it set to consume all the memory, the whole system will generate extremely high paging activities and should be overloaded.
On Artica version 1.6.070700 a new feature allows you to see if your MySQL service settings are designed for your server memory.
Artica automatically defines settings for a server with about 3Gb memory free.

  • Under the MySQL parameters tab, click on the link "MySQL Memory consumption"


  • A new form is displayed.
  • If your MySQL parameters execeed your server memory - 300MB you will see the sum in red.
  • Change values in order to reduce the MySQL service consumption to fit the server memory.
  • Click on "Calculate" button in order to test your setting before save it.


  • Example above is for a server that handle only 1Gb memory..