Create a MySQL Instance.

On the MySQL section, click on Multiples MySQL engines tab.
A table is displayed.
Click on the "New server" button in the table


Click on Enabled option in order to set the instance active.

Give a virtual hostname of the instance.

You have 2 ways to allows this instance running :

  • Using the Unix socket mode: This is default the instance will listen to a local socket "/var/run/mysqld/mysqldxx.sock" xx is the ID of the MySQL instance.
  • Using the Network card: You need to enable "Use Network card", define the listen IP Address and a port (be carreful of ports conflicts).

Define the directory in "Directory" field that will store all databases.

17-05-2012_17-51-59.pngYou can add a watchdog of this MySQL instance.

THe watchdog will be in charge to make the service UP all the time and alert you if the process CPU/Memory exceed a defined pourcent value.

The new MySQL instance is added in the main table.
Click on the refresh status icon in order to display the real MySQL instance status.