System Watchdog

(Versions 1.6.052115 or above for versions before 1.6.052115, apply the patch listed at the end of this page).
System Watchdog is a feature that monitor the CPU usage, system Load and memory usage of your server.
If the system reach limits, Artica will alert to the administrator by using the default notification system.


  • On the top toolbar click on System informations.
  • Select general settings tab.
  • Click on System Watchdog icon.


 A new screen display available options.

You can disable watchdog processes and change the limit values.



Download this file patch-watchdog-1.6.052115.tar.gz and extract the content in the /usr/share/artica-postfix/ directory.
restart the web console using this command-line : /etc/init.d/artica-postfix restart apache.