Install VMWare Tools on the appliance

This section allows you to deploy VMware Tools on your appliance if Artica appliance is installed on ESXi or VMware Workstation.

The appliance is able to detect if it running on a VMware host.
If the VMware host is detected you will see the VMWare icon on the left panel.

Click on the link of the VMware icon.


You have 2 ways to deploy the VMware Tools package on your Appliance:


  • Install from Virtual CD-ROM:
    On the VMWare settings, select "Install/upgrade VMWare Tools".
    The host will change the virtual CD-ROM to a virtual ISO that store the VMware Tools package.

  • Install From source package:
    With the Browse... button, you are able to upload the tar.gz package to the appliance and give the full path to this package.

Click on the "Install VMWare Tools" button according the choosen method.

 A popup is displayed and show you installation events.


After success you will see the service status