Add a new hard drive on your system

In some cases, you need to add a new disk on your appliance in order to obtain free space.
The appliance let you to plug a new disk and connect it to the system.

  • Plug the new disk on the system hardware.
  • Click on System informations on the top toolbar.
  • Select "server" tab.
  • Click on "Internal Hard drives" icon.


  • Click on the resfresh icon on the top little toolbar in order to refresh hard drives informations.
  • Select the desired hard drive by clicking on it's icon.


  • Click on "task" tab.
  • Click on "Build a full partition" icon.


  • Confirm the disk creation task (all datas will be erased).


  • Set the disk label.


  • Wait few minutes.
  • The system will display to you the partitionning events.


  • Click on status tab.
  • You can see that you have a new main partition on the disk.
  • You can see that the disk is now connected/mounted to your system using the label disk name.