Change the system root password

With all artica appliances, you are able to connect to the system.
If you using ISO files, the root password is "artica".
It is important to change this password in order to secure your server.
(feature fixed and changed in 1.6.053012 version or above)

  • Click on "System informations" on the top toolbar.
  • Select "security" tab
  • Click on "Modify root password" icon.


LDAP Priority:
By default, account AND system accounts are stored in LDAP database.
If you disable it, then the priotiry of the root password (and other members) will be the system first instead LDAP database.
Disable it is useful if the local OpenLDAP server is down. Enable it is useful if the LDAP server is stored on a remote Artica server in order to provide a central account database for all Artica servers

Define the password of the root account and click on Apply button.