Automatically reboot the system when swap exceed rules

If your swap file growth then your system performance will dramatically decrease.
In many cases the system will not release it's swap and will use it every time.
This will increase I/O and decrease your server speed.
This feature allows to enable a task that verify the swap status and reboot the server if the swap file reach percent/size value.

Defines rules

  • On the system information, click on display memory icon.


  • Enable the "Automatic Swap cleaning" and define the MAX percent or the MAX size of the swap file.


Automatic Swap cleaning force the system to empty the Swap memory when exceed a pourcentage or a Max memory in MB.
Some applications and for some system tasks, the swap memory is used but never cleaned.
This cause the system using more and more disk usage that should load the server and increase system I/O.
This feature will check the Swap system each 30Mn and clean it according limits sets.
0 in the Max size field means that only pourcentage is used to calculate the limit.
If you set a value in this field, the robot will use the Max size in MB has the main limit instead the pourcentage.

Define a schedule

Artica will try to reduce the swap first according these rules but sometimes it cannot have enough memory to perform this operation.
You need to reboot in this case.

  • Select tasks tab.
  • Click on "New schedule" button.
  • Choose Reboot system according swap use in the drop-down list.
  • Define the schedule and click on Add button.