Create IMAP synchronization rules.

IMAP synchronization rules feature are stored on the organization settings..

  • Select your organization on the main Artica interface.


  • On the Organization section select the "Messaging" tab.
  • Click on "Mailboxes migration" icon.


  • Click on New Rule button.
  • 13-08-2012_18-43-08.pngLocal Mailbox:
    If set, defines the local user and it's mailboxes.
    In this case the local IMAP server will be used.

  • MailBox server name:
    Defines the remote mailbox server that store messages to synchronize.

  • Debug: Turn events to debug mode.

  • Max Size: limit messages synchronization to messages under X Mb size.
    By default, there is no limitation ( 0 means no limit).

  • Max. age: Limit messages synchronization oder than X days.
    By default, there is no limitation ( 0 means no limit).

  • Create folders:
    If enabled, mailboxes folders stored locally that did not exists remotely will be created.

  • Read Only: If enabled, it ban all write operations to the remote IMAP server.
    In this case, the synchronization will be only from remote server to local server only.

  • Use SSL encryption:
    Turn the engine to the 993 port.

  • Fingerprint: mandatory. you need to set the SSL fingerprint of the remote server if turned to SSL.

  • Username and password:
    Remote IMAP mailboxes credentials.