Bulk synchronize IMAP mailboxes.

This feature is designed to quickly migrate an old server to the Artica mail server.
It allows you to list all users with credentials in a txt file and import it into the Artica mail server.

Click on import button on the main rules table.

In this form you can upload a text file (*.txt) with pre-defined user`s parameters in order to create users, create mailbox and import all mailboxes datas in the same operation.
Text file must be formatted has follow :
account;password;remote imap server
if remote imap server using SSL, use "ssl:" suffix.
eg: jhon;123;ssl:imap.remotehost.com
all lines will be separated by a carriage return.

If you want to add synchronize rule to an already mailbox, add the user id at the end of the line.

  • Choose "Browse" button in order to upload your file on the server and to define the path to the text file
  • Click on Import datas button¬† in order to perform all mailbox synchronize task.