Allow users to display their messaging events

According privileges, you can allows users or a user's group to access to their events log in order to let them search/verify their SMTP events.
In our example, we using a group privilege..

A) Define the user's privilege.

  • On the Main artica interface, select organizations tab.
  • Click on the group column on the organization.
  • Click on the group your want to add privileges.


  • On the group general configuration, click on privileges icon.
  • On the Users Privileges section, enable the "Can display real-time SMTP events" checkbox and click on Apply button



B) The user interface.

  • It is intended that have already created the Web interface trough FreeWebs.
  • Connect on the user interface with an account stored by the group with the new privilege.
  • Click on the "Messaging" link at the right-top of the user interface.


  • Choose "Messaging events" icon.


  • User is able to query the SMTP mail events only from or to eMail addresses (including aliases too) saved into it's account.