Import/Export users and groups from organization

This feature allows you to export an organization to a defined remote server in 3 clicks.
It was improved in 1.6.061118 (see patch at then end of this topic).
This in order to rebuild quickly a new server without rebuild users databases.

  • On the original server,
  • Choose your organization.
  • On the Management section, click on Export Organization icon.


  • Fill the remote server information in order to let the original server accessing to the remote SSL web console.
  • Click on Send button


  • Wait few times.(depends on the number of your users stored on the original organization)
  • The form will display local and remote events of the execution task


Import/Export from the command-line:

According your organization is called "myou" and you want to save a file in /root directory.
On the source server, execute:
php5 /usr/share/artica-postfix/exec.export-users.php --org myou /root --verbose
It will save a file called /root/myou.gz

Copy this file to the remote Artica server.
scp /root/myou.gz root@host:/root/

Connect to the remote Artica server.
php5 /usr/share/artica-postfix/exec.import-users.php --org myou /root/myou.gz --verbose
This will create a new organization or update the current organization with all users and groups.

Patch 1.6.061118

  • Download this file: p-1.6.061118.tar.gz
  • Extract it on the 2 servers: tar -xf p-1.6.061118.tar.gz -C /usr/share/