Ipv6 support

Artica is able to support ipv6 network configuration especially to handle multiple postfix instances on a public mail server.
This feature onnly support Debian family systems (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora... are not currently supported)

Enable IpV6 support

  • Click on the network icon on the top page.
  • Select "Network Interface cards"
  • Click on ipV6 parameters.
  • Turn to green Enable IpV6 option.


Create an IPv6 virtual interface card.

  • To create a new virtual ipv6 ip address,select Virtual Network interface tab.
  • Click on New Virtual IP (V6) button


  • If you did not know how to create an ipv6 address, you can set an Ipv4 in the form and click on the blue arrow


  • Your ipv4 address will be turned to an ipv6 address