Create your first Load-balancing service

Artica enables the multiple load-balancers services.
You can add more than 1 load-balancer on the same machine.
For example, the same machine can balance Web servers and mail server at the same time.

The first step is to create a service.

A service is a listener that able to listen an IP Address and port and designed to forward connections to backends server according rules.
You can create severals services that listen severals port on the same machine.

On the table click on the "New service" button


A new interface is displayed in order to create the service.


  • Define a "name" in the Service name. This will be the master key in your configuration.
  • Choose the listen IP address in the dropdown list.
  • Define the listen port of your new service.
  • Set the method of load-balancer service (HTTP for HTTP Proxy/Web servers, TCP for other services.)
  • Define the dispatch method (round-robin is the best one.)

After Adding the new load-balancer service you will see that there is 0 backend server.
To make the new service running it is mandatory to add backends and the service configuration.