Measure your Internet bandwidth

Available on Artica v1.6.110118
By default, Artica run Internet bandwidth calculation each hour.
It using the web site in order to calculate the bandwidth.
It use a tespeed produced by Janis Jansons.

tespeed perform 6 tasks:

  1. Loads config from (
  2. Gets server list (
  3. Picks 5 closests servers using the coordinates provides by config and serverlist.
  4. Checks latency for those servers and picks one with the lowest.
  5. Does download speed test and returns results.
  6. Does upload speed test and returns results.

You can display your Internet bandwidth on the main Artica page inside the performances meters on the right side.


Near the progress bar, 4 values are displayed:

  • D: Is your download bandwidth
  • U: is your upload bandwidth
  • Your ISP (if detected).
  • Your public IP address.

When clicking on the progress bar, a new screen is displayed and shows you a graph of the current day:


Enable bandwidth calculation.

By default the bandwidth calculation is enabled, you can checks it if the progress bar is not displayed.

  • Click on System informations icon on the top bar.
  • Select General settings tab.
  • Click on Artica performances icon.
  • Choose Artica processes tab.
  • Verify that Enable Bandwitch calculation option is checked


Set the schedule.

By default, the task is scheduled each hour.
The script accept only a minimal schedule of 30 minutes.
You can modify it by:

  • On System informations, choose the "tasks" tab.
  • Find the Internet bandwidth calculation.