Use external databases

Only available with Artica 1.6.061521 or above.
By defaut artica use it's own database in order to force Postfix mail system to resolve correctly mailing list, aliases or members.
In some cases you need to use specific datas or use a remote database such as an Active Directory server or you need to fill your self some "virtual datas" in order to accomplish your needs.


Click on "New database" in order to create a link between your server and the database.


On the form, you have 3 fields:

  • Database name: This is just a name in order to retreive your settings.

  • Source: Source can be "hash" as a "flat file" managed by artica (see next section). it can be LDAP as a connection link between your server with an Active Directory server or an LDAP server.

  • Database type: is the Postfix section you want to link

For different databases types see:

 You can add several databases and connections method.

When using the "Hash" method, Artica is able to help you to store datas.
Click on a row that use the hash method.


  • Click on items in order to manage the content of the hash database