Relay access denied ?

When your server says "Relay access denied" this means a misconfiguration in your settings...

Relay access denied means:

The Postfix mail system did not want to relay a foreign domain to a foreign domain.

This means that if want to send a mail to, both domains are not handled by your server.
If it is a mail that came from to youruser@yourdomain.tld, you need to verify:

  • You have correctly added you domain in your organization.
  • You have compiled the postfix settings


The top icon with a down arrow is a command to order to apply the whole settings on your Postfix system.

The Postfix mail system did not want to send outgoing mails.

If you need to send out a mail and you receive this error, this means that your network is not correctly set into the Postfix Network settings.


The Networks section under Routing & Network allows you to
define your internal ranges/addresses allowed to send email to foreign domains.