Randomize strings replacement in body messages

This feature is available on 1.6.051823 versions or above.
It allows you to replace randomized value with "keywords" defined.
For example you send an emailing with a specific URL in body messages.
eg: http://mycompany.tld/track.php?ID=3

Your handle several domains: a.mycompany.tld, b1.mycompany.tld,c1.mycompany.tld,d1.mycompany.tld
You want to replace dynamically mycompany.tld in each message with a randomize value choosen in the list of your domains.

On the Advanced ISP routing of your Postfix instance, click on the domain link in the main table.


  • Click on the BODY tab
  • Enable the "Replace keyword in body with randomize strings" option.
  • Click on "New keyword" in order to add a value that the engine will try to find.
  • Set the word to find. It could be a single word or a phrase.
    To follow our example we will add "mycompany.tld"


  • The keyword is added in the table, click on the link of the keyword in the row in order to add "strings" to replace.


  • A new table is displayed that will store strings that will replace the keywrod using the randomization.
  • Click on "New word" button on the table.


You can add words separated with a comma or click on "New word" to add each word line by line.
To follow or example we adding : "a.mycompany.tld, b1.mycompany.tld,c1.mycompany.tld,d1.mycompany.tld"


In our example when a new message is forwarded to *@yahoo.com, the engine will choose a randomized subdomain of mycompany.tld and replace this domain with a picked value in the message body (including headers).

You can use email address too.... or any value you want to replace...

Have fun!