Setup the Greylist behavior

  • Select your instance and click on "Filters (Anti-spam,Antivirus tab)".
  • Click on the Milter-greylist icon.

The first screen display the service status dedicated to the selected instance.
You can stop/start the service and refresh the service status.


Click on "Main settings" in order to drive the greylisting behaviour.


  • Remove tuple:  Check it if you want auto-whitelist to work for the IP rather than for the (IP, sender, receiver) tuple.
  • Add default networks in ACLs: By default, when compiling ACLS, Artica add Networks you have set in the system.
    Disable this option will remove your local network inside the greylisting ACL rules.
  • Database Timeout: How long will the greylist database retain tuples.
    After reach this time, the remote server will be greylisted again.
  • Greylisting time: How long a client has to wait before we accept
    the messages it retries to send.
    Here, x hour(s).
  • Auto-whitelisting: How long does auto-whitelisting last (set it to 0 to disable auto-whitelisting).