Setup Amavisd-new for a Postfix instance

  • Select your instance and click on Filter (Anti-Spam, Antivirus) tab
  • Click on the Amavisd-new icon.


Spamassassin features defines scores that indicate that messages are SPAM and should be saved in quarantine area.



  • Add X-Spam-Flag: YES headers at that level to passed mail (sa_tag2_level_deflt):
    emails with a spam score greater or equal to this level will be marked as spam. Usually this default is reasonable. Lower it if too much spam gets through. Raise it if you get too many regular mails caught as spam.

  • quarantine: Save in quarantine when reach the score.

  • Score to add "spam detected" in headers and send to quara...:

  • Score that destroy the message (Real spam): (sa_kill_level_deflt): Should be set to the same value as sa_tag2_level_deflt

  • Spam level beyond which a DSN is not sent (sa_dsn_cutoff_level):

  • Spam level beyond the message is not quarantine but destroy (sa_quarantine_cutoff_level):
    Is the level at which delivery failure notices are no longer sent to the sender. As most spam sender addresses are forged anyway, it makes sense not to send failure notices in response to obvious spam as you're only contributing to the problem of backscatter.

  • Probable Subject TAG: Activate the Subject tagging when the mail is detected has "probable".

  • Score (sa_tag_level_deflt) : Is the level at which Amavisd-new will write spam info headers such as X-Spam-Flag, X-Spam-Score and X-Spam-Status.
    If you would always like header info to be written to all messages, set this value to -999.