Test SMTP connection

This feature allows you to test the SMTP protocol to a destination.
It not use Postfix as the mail server but let Artica trying to send the message itself in debug mode in order to see if there is a network issue or a remote server issue.
Available on Artica 1.6.061221 version or above (see patch at the end of this topic).

  • Select your Postfix Instance.
  • On the routing & network tab, choose "Test an SMTP connection" icon.


Click on "Parameters" button on the table


  • Define the sender email address and the recipient email address.
  • Click on apply in order to send the message trought Artica.


The table display events and you will be able to see if your server is globally OK for SMTP connections.

Patch 1.6.061221

  • Download this patch: 1.6.061221.tar.gz
  • Extract it under the /usr/share/artica-postfix/ directory