Instances main table

The Instances main table is a panel that display all Postfix instances and instances status.
You can search an instance, create a new one or build them to the server.

The Instances main table can by displayed by clicking on the Multiple Instances item on the top tool-bar.


It display all Postfix multiple instances added on your system.

  • New SMTP service: Open the wizard to create a new instance
  • On System: Instances is listed according the MySQL database.
    This feature display all real instances applied directly in the main Postfix configuration.
  • All: Return back to database query.
  • Apply Network configuration: Rebuild all instances and make them in production mode.


 You can search instances by using the "Find" field on the table bottom (* character is supported).

The table display 7 main columns :

  • Hostname: Your instance name.
  • Organization: The linked organization to the instance.
  • IP Address: the listen IP address.
  • Status: if the Instance is running or not.
  • Enable: Allows you to enable or disable the instance.
  • Add: It helps you to create a new instance but copy all settings of the selected instance into the new instance.
  • Delete: remove the Postfix instance from the system and database.

In the Network column, you have a netwrok status icon.

  • A blue icon means that the Network interface card that handle the Instance if ON.
  • A grey icon means that the Network interface card is not builded and cannot handle the Instance.
    In this case, you need to click on "Apply network configuration" in order to force the system to create the Network Interface or turn to up it.