Create your first instance:

Each Postfix instance listen it's own IP address.
Before adding an instance you need to think that this instance will use an other IP address.
In this case, Artica let you to create unlimited  "Virtual IP" on the system.

  • On the main interface click on the "New SMTP service" in the left menu.
  • A wizard is displayed and helps you to create your instance.


  • Select the Network interface Card in the drop-down list and click on "Next" Button.
  • Define the IP address settings that will handle the new instance.
  • Click on Next button.


  • Assign the instance to an organization.
  • Give the hostname of this new Postfix instance


The form will resume your settings, if your are agree, click on "Build instance"


Your instance is created but not really in production mode.
You have to rebuild your instances items to make it work.
(see the section Instances main table).