Create an IPv6 Postfix instance

This feature allows you to create a full Ipv6 postfix instance on your server.
Since public Ipv4 prices growth every day it should be useful to create postfix instances that listen to an IPv6 interface.
This feature is available with Artica v1.6.111623

A) Enable ipv6 support:

B) Create your Postfix IPv6 instance

  • On the left side of the main Interface, click on "New SMTP service".


  • Select the main interface
  • Click on Next button.


  • Click on "Network & NICs (ipv6)" tab.
  • Select a already added Ipv6 interface or create a new one.
  • Click on Next button


  • Select the organization.
  • Define the hostname of your new Postfix instance.
  • Click on Next button.


  • Check all settings and click on "Build instance"


  • Click on the new instance in the main table.


  • Click on Reconfigure SMTP Service and on Restart SMTP service to make the new ipv6 instance in production mode.