Configure your Postfix instance

Setup a Postfix is the same about setup the master instance if you have not enabled the multiple instances feature.

When clicking on a table and in the hostname link a new popup is displayed with 4 tabs.

The Status section

The status allows you to perform operations on the service.
For example, restart the service, reconfigure the instance, flush queue...


The Routing & Network.

The routing and Network allows you to setup the forward messages rules according domains inside the defined organization.
Each routing features are stored in this section.


The Security section

The security section allows you to enables Postfix security features such has SMTP authentication, Messages limits and restrictions, filters rules on emails.


The Filters (Anti-spam, Antivirus) section

This section allows you to enable externals filter to improve security such amavis or Policy delegation or Greylisting.
Each services must be globally enabled in order to enable it on each Postfix Instance