Service options and performances

Depends on your SMTP flow, you needs perhaps to tweak some settings in order to make the SMTP process much faster.

  • On the main MimeDefang section, click on Service Options icon.





  • Debug:
    Turn messaging processing in debug mode in the syslog

  • Directory in memory :
    If set up to 5M, the working directory will be set in memory instead hard disk.
    This will speed-up processing but will handle your physical memory.

  • Max requests:
    Maximum number of requests a process handles.

  • Minimum processes to keep.
    Minimum number of processes to keep.
    The default of 0 is probably too low; we suggest 2 instead.

  • Maximum processes:
    Maximum number of processes to run (mail received while this many`);
    processes are running is rejected with a temporary failure, so be wary of how many emails you receive at a time).
    The default value of 2 is probably too low; we suggest 10 instead;

  • Memory limit:
    Limit slave processes resident-set size to this many kilobytes.

  • Total memory limit:
    Limit total size of slave processes memory space to this many kilobytes.