4) Create the Web page front-end with FreeWebs

A) Create the web frontend

Recipients will get a link in the received message if attachments are replaced.
You need to provide a web fronted in order to download attachments.


Link and file attachment are hashed, in this case, only recipients that receive the link are able to get the correct url and download the file.
In this case, it is not necessary to perform authentication to the Web server.

  • Select the FreeWebs icon.
  • Click on Web servers tab.
  • Click on the "New server" button.
  • Set the Web server hostname you have defined in the Attachments storage options.
  • Click on Add button.


  • The web server is added on the main table.
  • Click on the link.


  • Select "Groupwares" tab
  • Click on "eMail attachments hosting" icon.


  • Select Website tab.
  • Click on "Rebuild" icon in order to make the web site in production mode.


B) Test the Web frontend.

  • Send an email with attachments that matches added rules.
  • Wait few times the scanner task parse the queue and save attachments.
  • Copy the link and put it into your browser.
  • You must this this kind of Web page:


  • Click on the link in order to download the original attached file.
  • If the file is removed or not in database, an error is generated.