2) Define replacement and storage parameters

When matching rules, the engine will extract attachments from the message and save them into a MySQL database.
It will replace attachments with a defined link.
You need to define which website will be used in the replacement text

  • On the attachments hosting section,click on the Options button.



  • Prepend subject:
    Add a text at the start of the subject if attachments are stripped.


  • Link: set here the link to the Webserver that will be used to download attachments.
    Just define http://youserver without any token behind.
  • Set the text that will be used to replace the attachment.
    Some tokens are available: %s for the orginal filename, %d for the Max days value.
  • Define the Maximal days to keep attachments in the database in the Max Days field.
    Attachments that are reach the Max days value will be automatically removed.
    Set 0 for an unlimited storage life.
  • If you want to save attachments to an external Artica/MySQL server that will be able to provide the web frontend,
    enable the "Use external MySQL server" and define credentials to access to the server.
    Account must have "create database" privilege, the upload script will try to create a table named "storage" in a new database called "mimedefang"