SpamAssassin Message content Scanner

SpamAssassin Message content Scanner is a tool that helps you to analyze a message in order to build content rules.
It is very easy to use and i try to display relevant informations in order to create content filter rules.

  • On the left menu of the Main Artica Web page, click on "Check recipient" link.
  • Select Check message content tab.
  • Click on "Add message Content" button


  • Open your mail client and find the option to display the message source.
    For example, in Thunderbird type Alt+F4.


  • Copy the message source in memory and click on Analyze.


  • The message will be analyzed and display 2 items: All routers seen in the received header and email addresses.
  • Click on item you want to increase Spamassassin score.
    Rules will be added in SpamAssassin rules.