ByPass anti-spam and antivirus for specified networks

This feature is only used if your server using postqueue filter mode.
This section will force the Postfix mail system to bypass Amavis (Anti-spam checking and antivirus checking) from specific IP addresses.
For example, if you need to completly bypass outgoing messages, put here IP addresses of your mail server that able to send messages for outgoing transferts.

  • On the left menu, click on Amavisd-new link.
  • Select "Bypass" tab.
  • Click on the Add button under the table.


Following values are supported:

  • to match
  • 192.168.0 to match 192.168.0.*
  • 192.168 to match 192.168.*
  • domain.tld to match hosts width domain domain.tld
  • .domain.tld to match hosts width all sub-domains of domain.tld