Mailing list behavior

Unsing LDAP database instead Hash db

(Available with Artica 1.6.060114 or above)

By default, when adding or removing addresses in a mailing list member (inside the LDAP Database), Artica is in charge to compile a local database in order to make changes available.
This standard behavior is designed to increase performances by turn the mail server to be disconnected to the Database. If the LDAP Database is not available, the Postfix Mail system continue to resolve addresses.
This standard behavior have some limitations:

  • If the LDAP database is not available during the Artica compilation tasks, the mailing list address will be not available until the Artica compile local databases task is not performed.
  • Playing with mailing addresses is not replicated on time. You need to perform compilation at each changes.
  • If you allows users to create themselves addresses changes will not be reflected in time.

You can change this behavior by forcing the system to query the LDAP database instead using the compilation method.

  • Click on Postfix MTA system icon on the top tool-bar.
  • Select "Routing & network" tab.
  • Click on Mailing List behavior icon.


Enable the Use LDAP database option.