Create a MailMan distribution list.

Create a MailManĀ  distribution trough Artica is very simple but you need to ensure that you can play correctly with your domains.
First is the domain that will serve the MailMan Web interface for end-users and administrators.
Artica will create (trough FreeWebs) a new sub-domain of the selected domain in order to store the Web Interface.
So you needs to resolve this sub-domain correctly.

  • You will see a first mailing called "mailman" that is the "central" mailing used for administrative tasks.This mailing is not used but cannot be deleted.
  • Click on Add a new list button.


  • Define your list name in the "Distribution list name" field.
  • When changing some values in the form, you can see what are the final email addresses that should be used in your list in order to subscribe, unsubscribe, post...
  • Choose the SMTP domain name already set in Artica that will handle the list.
  • Define the SMTP sub-domain for this list. If you want the list using the main domain, enable the "Exclusive" checkbox.
  • Set the sub-domain that will be used to store the MailMan Web interface in the "List's Web interface host name" field.
  • Set the member email address that will be the administrator of this list and get master privileges. (The member must already exits in the Artica database)


  • The list is now added to the main lists table. See the picture bellow, link point to different ways to set your list parameters.