Forward to Mailbox per mailbox or organization

This architecture use different MDA servers and force the SMTP relay to forward messages to each mailbox server using LMTP per mailbox or per organization.


To perform this operation, you must use the Mailboxes routing table.

  • On the Postfix MTA Mail system, click on SMTP routing table.
  • Choose Mailboxes tab.
  • Click on new rule.


  • On the Type drop-down list choose if the rule include the entire member of an organization or just a mailbox.
  • On the mailbox field, set the mailbox name (if you have not enabled multiple organization set just the first part of the email adress or the uid of the user).
  • On the LMTP address, define the address of the remote MDA server with it's port eg:


In this mode, you need to schedule a Postfix compilation parameters in order to refresh changes on the SMTP server.