MX data center to a Zarafa server

This architecture set several MX SMTP servers that sends messages directly to Zarafa store.

Architecture example:

On our example, we use several SMTP servers on multiple MX with a load balancer in order to accept messages.
Each SMTP service require authentication for all members who want to send email trough Internet using the SMTP architecture.
The central Zarafa server will share it's LDAP database and open it's mail delivery Agent in order to receive directly messages from top relays trough LMTP protocol.

SMTP relay servers are in charge to perfom anti-spam/antivirus tasks.


A) Force the LDAP service to bind a real IP address on the Zarafa server.

By default, when installing Artica, the Zarafa LDAP database listen only the loopback interface.
In order to allow SMTP servers to query the LDAP database on the Zarafa server, you need to force the LDAP service to bin a real IP address.

  • On the system informations menu, click on General settings tab.
  • Click on LDAP Database parameters icon.


  • Select your IP address on the listen Address drop-down field and click on Add button.


B) Retreive main LDAP credentials on the central server.

  • Click on Account icon on the left side.


  • Memorize the user name, password and suffix of the central server.


C) Bind the Zarafa delivery Agent to a real IP address.

By default the Zarafa delivery agent listen on loopback interface ( In order to allow SMTP relays to sends directly messages to the Zarafa server, you need force the service to bind a real network interface.

  • On the Zarafa tools section, click on "Delivery Agent"


  • Choose the IP address on the drop-down list or choose ALL for all network interfaces.


D) Connect SMTP servers to the Zarafa LDAP database

  • On each Artica SMTP relays :
  • On the SMTP servers, click on System information.
  • Click on Account icon.


  • Add the Central LDAP server credentials, inluding the right suffix and the correct IP address of the Central LDAP server


  •  On the SMTP server verify in organizations section that you see organizations created on the Zarafa LDAP central database server.


D) Force SMTP servers to use the Zarafa server as MailBox delivery agent.

  • On the PostFix MTA mail system section, click on service tab.
  • Click on Mailbox agent icon.


  • Define the Zarafa server LMTP address and port ( usually the 2003 ) in the form.


  • Now all your MX are able to send directly messages to the Zarafa store after filtering them.....


In this mode, you need to schedule a Postfix compilation parameters in order to refresh changes on the SMTP server.