Communicate with dedicated clients

Jabber has millions of fans all over the world and since it`s a free and open protocol, lots of companies and individual users has already adopted it.There are numerous servers out there and a lot of applications which could let users connect to them but, at this time, only a number of small programs managed to become a real solution for communicating on Jabber servers.

A) Choose a client:


XMPP: Clients List
Wikipedia: Comparison of instant messaging clients
Softpedia: Best 5 Jabber Clients for Windows in Pictures Jabber Clients for Windows
Generation NT: Comparatif et Test des clients de messagerie instantanée Jabber

Clients softwares:

Psi: Psi - The Cross-Platform XMPP Client For Power Users
safetyjabber: Free jabber instant messenger client for windows
Spark: Spark XMPP Clients
Coccinella: Coccinella - Chat client with whiteboard
Gajim: Gajim, a Jabber/XMPP client


B) Configure your client software (gajim)

In our example, we using gajim as Messaging client.

  • Click on Edit/Accounts menu


  • Choose I already have an account i want to use.
  • Click on Forward button.


  • Define the "uid" @ domain and password.
  • Be carreful, you did not have to set the email address but the uid, (see How to find the uid trough Artica console).
  • The domain must be resolved to the IP address of your Artica server.


After connecting to your server, you should have a SSL certificate error, just click on "ignore" option and OK button.

14-12-2012_14-22-46.pngTo test communication, add a member uid stored in the Artica member organization.
In the same way, you must add "uid" @ domain.tld in order to add the right member


The remote member must accept the connection and you can start to chat.