Starting with the Zarafa Appliance.

After installing the Zarafa Appliance and login to the Artica console, there are some steps in order to quickly start with the Zarafa Appliance.

Note about the system load:
Just after installing the Appliance you should see that the server is loaded.
This behavior is normal, you should have to wait (30mn).
When starting for the first time, Artica scan your hardware and make some tweaks..

Activate your organization.

With Artica you can choose which organization can use the Zarafa Groupware.
Users stored in an organization that is not enabled has a Zarafa Organization cannot login and use the Zarafa messaging.

On the Main Artica Interface, under the Organizations tab, you should see a list of added organizations with a Zarafa icon.
If the icon is "grey" then the organization is not enabled.
If the icon is "blue" then the organization is activated.


  • To enable the organization has Zarafa, click on the grey icon.
  • Turn to green the Enable Zarafa For this Organization option and click on Apply button.


Create local domains.

The first wizard ask to you to define your SMTP domain. If you want to add a real domain or a new domain, click on the mangify icon on the domains column in order to let you add domains for the selected organization.


Create your First user.

Before creating your first user you have to choose if you want to use multi-domains or not.
If you plan to use this server with several organizations and host the server for serveral companies, turn your server to multiple-domains method. In other case, continue to this step.

Click on the icon with the green cross to add a new user.


  •  Set the uid of the member, the password and click on Add button.


Create the WebMail with FreeWebs

Refer to this article in order to create your WebMail in order to access to the WebMail with the added user.