Backup Zarafa MySQL database

Messages received by the Zarafa server are stored in Zarafa MySQL database.
It is important to backup Zarafa database in order to be sure to restore/retreive them.
This section explains how to create a backup task for your Zarafa server.

1) Define Backup parameters.

  • Under Zarafa area, click on Tools tab.
  • Click on Backup parameters.


  • Define where to store backup container on your server.
    If you want to store backup containers outside the server, please refer to the Automount Control center.
  • Enable/disable the Delete okd backups checkbox if you want to remove old backup container more than X Days set in Max Days option.


2) Create the backup task.

  • Click on System Information on the top tool-bar.
  • Click on tasks tab.
  • Click on "New schedule"

  • On the main drop-down list, choose "Backup Zarafa MySQL database".
  • Click on Browse... button in order to set the schedule.
  • Click on Add button.