Enable mobile phones to sync with the Zarafa server

Z-Push is an implementation of Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol which is used 'over-the-air' for multi platform active sync devices, including Windows Mobile and active sync used on Apple's iPhone, Androids, Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones.
Open source Z-Push enables any PHP-based groupware package to become fully syncable with any ActiveSync-compliant device.

Install Z-Push application.

  • To enable this feature on Artica you need Zarafa server and Z-Push module.
  • By default, z-push is not installed. You need to use the Setup Center to install it.
  • Click on the CD-ROM on the top toolbar.
  • Select Softwares Database
  • Search the z-push entry
  • Click on the blue icon in order to install it.



  • After several minutes you will see the version installed on the system.


Create the Web server trough FreeWebs.

  • FreeWebs is the Web services center in Artica. It allows you to create web services on your server.
  • On the left side click on the FreeWebs icon.


  • Check that your FreeWebs service is enabled and the daemon is up and running.


  • Select the Web servers tab and click on the button "New server"


  • Give the web server name that will be used on mobile-phones.
  • Click on Add button


  • Click on the added web server link.


  • Click on Groupwares tab.
  • Click on Z-Push icon.


  • The section display that your web server serve Z-Push application.


  • Click on the Website tab in click on rebuild icon in order to make the website in production mode.