The Autodiscover service simplifies the provisioning of your mobile device by returning the required system settings after you enter your e-mail address and password.
The ability to use Autodiscover depends on the mobile device operating system.
Not all mobile device operating systems that support synchronization support Autodiscover.
For more information about operating systems that support Autodiscover, users must contact the manufacturer of the device.
Use the in order to test your connectivity.

By default, if you using Artica v.1.6.121512 or above the Autodiscovery service is enabled by default when include Z-Push service in your WebMail or installing directly z-Push service.

By default the Autodiscover service return to mobile-phones the "Exchange service" URL.
Your webserver should have the same domain name as your users e-mail addresses.
For example: when users e-mail address end with then the webserver should be

If is is not the case, you can force the AutoDiscover service to sends an other website addresss when mobile-phones read the information.
Under FreeWebs and in the Web sitename Zarafa Collaboration parameters, you can define the servername that store the real z-Push system.
By default, if it is empty, Artica will use the current web servername.




Just put only the servername under this field.