Set Zarafa mailbox default language per organization

Minimal Artica version: 1.6.080621
This feature allows you to fix a language for each new user created in the specified organization.
It is usefull when you perform mass importation or to not forget to set language for a new mailbox.

  • Open the organization settings and click on "Messaging" tab.
  • Click on Zarafa Collaboration icon.
  • Select the default language.
  • Click on Apply button.
  • After saving the language, a new button "Scan mailboxes language" is displayed.
    When clicking on this button, Artica will parse all mailboxes already set and define the selected language.


Note: This is the "default" language.
This means that if a mailbox have already a defined language, the organization's default language will not erase the language saved.
It is intended to define a language only when mailbox have no language set.