Junk Learning

This feature is available on Artica v.1.6.122113 or above.
The Junk Learning is a feature that able Artica to parse mailboxes folders in order to send unwanted/Whitelisted messages content to the anti-spam learning feature.
To activate this feature, you need to allow Artica to parse mailboxes and to schedule the task.

Activate the Junk Learning feature:

  • Under the Zarafa section, click on "tools" tab.
  • Click on Junk Learning schedule icon.
  • Turn to green the Junk Learning schedule option.


Schedule the Junk learning task

  • Return back to main Artica Page,
  • Select system informations icon.
  • Select tasks tab.
  • Click on new schedule.


  • On the drop-down list, select "Junk learning schedule" option.
  • Click on Browse in order to define the execution schedule.
  • Click on Add button in order to add your schedule.


3) Members must create 2 folders

The task will parse 2 folders on each mailbox. This must be 2 new folders because messages will be deleted.
This is why the main mailbox folder is not parsed.

  • To learn messages has non-spam users must create a folder called "Non-spam" (case sensitive).
  • To learn messages has spam, users ensure that the mailbox named "Junk E-mail" is created (case sensitive).

Members have to move messages in these directories in order to make the learning works on their mailboxes.